Chicken Cranberry Salad

Just because I haven’t blogged in two months doesn’t mean anything has changed… I am still on a quest to have a healthy fit body. One of the dishes I love to eat is my own Chicken Cranberry Salad with sun-dried tomatoes on a bed of red leaf lettuce. This salad is simple!

  1. Grill some chicken to your liking— Salt, pepper, lemon, & garlic is what I do
  2. Wash and cut your red leaf lettuce
  3. Cut sun dried tomatoes into small pieces (use a good brand you trust, the fresher the better
  4. Mix chicken, tomatoes, and lettuce together then add cranberries at the end

The cranberries add a sweet surprise to every bite. It’s delicious. For the dressing, I either use a simple red wine or apple cider vinaigrette. Sometimes, I’ll even mix the two. It compliments this simple sweet and savory salad. Enjoy!

(Source: xeniazayas)

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